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First pastel paintings (after my hiatus)

I actually wrote the blog intro section a few weeks ago, but didn’t post it until, um, I knew what I was doing with respect to the whole “blogging” thing.

So now I was cranked to see my easel all set up. Realizing I hadn’t used my pastels for several years, my first concern was, do they go bad? Dry out? Change color? That would have been a bit of a downer because they can be expensive – you don’t just buy a few for the basic colors and mix up all your own colors, as with oils. Well, for those of you wondering, the answer is “No,” they have great longevity. Yay!

My initial plan was to do a lot of fairly fast pastels – an hour or so each. I thought I could get looser, rapidly develop my style further. I’d wind up with a lot of paintings I wasn’t wedded to, but that would be okay. It was all about energy and diving in.

Went and bought a whole bunch of some not-so-expensive pastel paper, medium tooth, miscellaneous colors; chopped it into quarters. Chose some reference photos (hey, it was winter–I’m not standing outside developing frost-bitten fingers and toes!).

It’s been quite a few days now and I have to confess, I cannot stop after an hour. That’s when it’s getting interesting! That’s when I’m trying to make a painting work! It’s like, “Do a crossword puzzle and stop after an hour no matter what.” (I’m assuming you’re not a whiz and an hour just gets the easy words done.) They’re still smallish (say, 10″x12″) and quickish, but if I like the way one’s going, I’m not stoppin’! (Made for some very late nights.) 

Nuts. Now I actually like some of the results. Really, I can’t frame them all. 

BUT, lucky thing, I have a perfect place to display them – my brand new blog!

Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ